Introducing the Triangle SfN Science Policy Working Group

For all of the promise and scientific breakthroughs made possible by the field of neuroscience, funding for our research is overwhelmingly provided through the federal government. With the looming budget negotiations on the horizon, it becomes important for all neuroscientists to be informed on specific legislature that may impact the ability to carry out groundbreaking research. With this in mind, we have formed the Triangle SfN Science Policy Working Group.

The primary focus of this working group will be making information on government policy affecting neuroscience research readily accessible to all of our chapter members. We also plan on meeting regularly with state and federal legislators to discuss how neuroscience research is beneficial to the health and economy of this country. Additionally, we will engage in outreach efforts inform the public of about how critical federal and state funding is to advances in our field.

The working group recently met with Congressman David Price (NC-4) to discuss how valuable biomedical research is and why NIH and NSF funding must be protected. Unfortunately, the threat of another government shutdown is very real and would result in NIH and NSF budgets being cut over 8%, having devastating effects on North Carolina researchers. Our goal is that the Triangle SfN Science Policy Working Group can provide critical information on relevant policy and legislation for busy neuroscientists so that they may stay better informed on decisions that impact their work. If you would like more information or to become involved in the working group please contact Dr. Ryan Bell at:

-Story by Ryan Bell, PhD, UNC (Science Policy Working Group Chair)

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue of The Triangle Transmitter.

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