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Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee serves as the Chapter's planning body for public engagement. The Outreach Committee continues to improve the relationship between neuroscientists and the general public by planning engaging and fun neuroscience outreach events, creating a network of outreach efforts in the Triangle, and providing a support system (financial, networking, and planning) to researchers looking to bring science to the public or community members who seek more science engagement.


Ways to get involved:

1) Join our committee if you are a Triangle SfN member.

2) Let us know about groups performing science outreach in your area.

3) Tell us about a great idea you have for science outreach in the Triangle.

4) Sign up as a potential volunteer to be partnered with one of the efforts in our network.

If you are interested in being part of our network or committee itself, please send an email to TriangleSfNOutreach@gmail.com.



- Evaluate past events and enhance public engagement through necessary improvements.

- Create new strategies for engaging the public, filling in gaps where needed.

- Maintain a working relationship with groups/individuals doing outreach.

- Provide members with outreach connections, resources, and funding.

- Update the Chapter calendar with outreach events and training opportunities.

- Observe and collect feedback from colleagues and participation in other meetings.


Christina Lebonville

Graduate Student

UNC-Chapel Hill


Leslie Wilson

Graduate Student

NC State