Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee serves as the Chapter's fund-raising group for the annual spring conference and other events throughout the year. The Sponsorship Committee interacts with members of life science and neuroscience industry, local and regional nonprofit organizations, and our local universities to garner their support for the Chapter’s activities. The Committee develops sponsorship packages for the annual spring conference, markets those packages at local and national scientific meetings and vendor shows, and fosters long-term relationships with our generous partners.



- Initiate and develop relationships with past and potential future sponsors.

- Create new strategies and research new opportunities for sponsorship or grant support.

- Communicate effectively with sponsors regarding timelines, deadlines, and conference information.

- Manage vendor participation at the annual spring conference.

- Observe and collect feedback from colleagues and sponsors to improve procedures.



Christina Lebonville

Graduate Student

UNC-Chapel Hill


Leslie Wilson

Graduate Student

NC State


Coming soon!