Travel Award Winners: First Annual Spring Neuroscience Meeting

Congratulations to the travel award winners!

Undergraduate/Graduate Student Awards

Leslie Wilson: Highly selective and mechanically robust sensors for electrochemical
measurements of real-time hydrogen peroxide dynamics in brain tissue (LR Wilson, AC Schmidt, and LA
Sombers; NC State University)

Kelly Carstens: Perineuronal nets regulate functional plasticity in hippocampal area CA2
(K Carstens, R Weinberg, and S Dudek; UNC-CH and NIEHS)

Chris Foster: Age effects on hippocampal functional connectivity during multifeatural encoding (C
Foster, M Picklesimer, N Mulligan, and KS Giovanello; UNC-CH)

Leah Townsend: Stimulus-driven circuit dysfunction in the visual cortex in a mouse model of
Angelman syndrome (LB Townsend, KA. Jones, IT Smith, BD Philpot, and SL Smith; UNC-CH)

Postdoctoral Fellow Awards

Georgia Alexander: Firing properties and immediate early gene mapping in hippocampal area CA2 (GM
Alexander, S Farris, J. Pirone, and SM Dudek; NIEHS)

Ryan Bell: Investigation of functional connectivity in executive function resting state networks in
cocaine dependent individuals (RP Bell, TJ Ross, EA Stein, and SB
Daughters; UNC-CH)



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